A National park for the 21st century

The Paterson Great Falls is the most historic place that virtually no one in America has ever heard of, let alone visited. Soon that will change. On November 7, 2011, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar dedicated America's 397th national park. It is a National Park like no other. Learn more.

The Alexander Hamilton visitor center

Future park visitors will have a new way to experience the history, culture, and beauty of the Paterson Great Falls National Park—the Alexander Hamilton Center at the Great Falls. The center will tell the stories of the park and Paterson that appeal to current and future generations of park visitors. Learn more.

Building for the Future

To celebrate Paterson's past, we look to the future. The Paterson National Park will be a vital contributing part of the community. The National Park will provide a vehicle for economic progress and a source of local pride, and the Park will help transform the image of Paterson for living and investment. Learn more.


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