A National Pastime for All Americans at Hinchliffe Stadium

Jul 18, 2017

Watch now: new videos about Negro League Baseball at Paterson's Historic Hinchliffe Stadium

The Hamilton Partnership wrote the legislation and played a leading role in making Hinchliffe the first stadium in a National Historical Park. President Obama signed the law to add Hinchliffe Stadium to the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park in December 2014.





“Hinchliffe Stadium Memories” tells the remarkable story of one of the last surviving Negro League stadiums. Located in Paterson spectators witnessed midget car races, performances by Duke Ellington and Lou Costello, football games, boxing matches, high school graduations, and great baseball.

“The Legendary Larry Doby” explores the groundbreaking life and career of the first black player n the American League. An Eastside High School graduate and Hall of Fame outfielder, Larry Doby strongly believed in using athletics to bring people together.