"Paterson" Brings the Great Falls to the Big Screen

Dec 9, 2016

Paterson, the new film starring Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Girls) opened on December 28. The film, directed by independent visionary Jim Jarmusch, premiered to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. The story follows a week in the life of Driver's character, a bus driver and poet aptly named Paterson, as he goes about his daily routine. His poems, reflections on the details of everyday life, bring to mind the works of William Carlos Williams—particularly his famous epic poem also called "Paterson." Paterson has received rave reviews, many calling it "the best performance of Adam Driver's career." Paterson, both the film and the character, bring the understated beauty and rich character of the city to life.


In November we held an event to honor Adam Driver for his contributions to Paterson's legacy. He sat down with film producers Josh Astrachan and Carter Logan to discuss his time at the Great Falls, working with Jim Jarmusch, and driving a bus through the streets of Paterson.