Great Falls Great Food Great Stories

Jul 10, 2016

Great Falls Great Food Great Stories is a project that connects the history of the Great Falls to contemporary life in Paterson. The Great Falls are at the center of Paterson and American history, and food is a central part of our lives and cultures, in Paterson and beyond.

A collaboration of the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, the Hamilton Partnership for Paterson, and Paterson restaurants and businesses, Great Falls Great Food Great Stories brings the park into the city. Nine “storyfronts” that share stories of Paterson, food, and the Falls are installed around Market and South Main Streets. Look out for them and for signage and special placemats in participating neighborhood restaurants.

Alexander Hamilton’s 1778 picnic at the Great Falls of the Passaic wasn’t just a peaceful break from the fighting of the Revolutionary War—it also planted the seeds of an idea. While some envisioned the new United States as a nation of independent farmers, Hamilton thought that America’s story should start with a new city, one that would stimulate industry and innovation. He welcomed the “diversity of talents” that immigrants would bring to the workforce.

Paterson went on to attract people from around the world, who came to the city to work and make a better life for themselves and for their families. They would develop many of the industries and inventions that put Paterson on the map.

 People in Paterson have always worked hard to put food on the table—and they have always enjoyed the landscape of the Great Falls. They have strived to preserve their heritage while adopting new cultures and customs. Their story is the same today. The businesses, foods, and languages may have changed, but the dream is the same. 

Map of Market Street restaurants

Costa Marina
182 Market Street

El Señorío
30 Market Street

Dulcemente Peruano
73 Market Street

46 Market Street 

El Regional
51 Cianci Street

Somos Tu Peru II
94 Market Street 

El Rompe y Raja
57 Cianci Street


Map of South Main Street restaurants

Abu Rass
1057 Main Street

Nouri Brothers
999 Main Street

Al Basha
1076 Main Street

Nouri’s Family Restaurant
1003 Main Street

Al Basha Sweets
1090 Main Street

1090 Main Street

Nablus Sweets
1050 Main Street 

1083 Main Street

A project by Team Paterson for the Hamilton Partnership for Paterson: Friends of the Paterson National Park. Produced with the support of the New Jersey Council on the Humanities.

 Great Falls Great Food Great Stories was created by Team Paterson: Manuel Miranda, Mariana Mogilevich, Valeria Mogilevich, with Yuyeon Cho, Sarah Harrs, Fred Pirlot. Based on a proposal as part of the 2015 Van Alen Institute/National Parks Service Competition National Parks Now, which also included Frances Medina, June Williamson, and Willy Wong.

Special thanks to:
Josephine Abarca, Dora Cohen, Jacqueline Daniels, Ocie High, Crescenzo Lalama, Margarita, Yadira Lopez, Senior Activities Program, Catholic Family & Community Services, located at Governor Paterson Towers; Abdullah Abedrabbo; Agnes Aknid, Willese Bennett, Mae Sue Boyd, Sharon Haley, Humon, Paterson Adult Center at the Dr. Norman Cotton Homes, Catholic Charities; Yesi Alejo, School 15; Gianfranco Archimede, Paterson Historic Preservation Commission; Susan Balik, Cultural Affairs at Passaic County Community College; Jef Berg, Catholic Charities; Joseph Bubba, Jr.; Tom Carroll; Kevin Cherashore and Phil Redisch, M. S. Signs; Cynthia Czesak, Paterson Public Library; Lynn Gaffney, Catholic Family & Community Services; Rusty Giammichele, Mario's Uniforms; Jaquair Gillette; Evelyn M. Hershey, American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark; Jasmine Moreano and Claudia Urdanivia, City Green; Al Nouri, Nouri Brothers; Pantano's Dairy; Paterson Division of Cultural & Community Affairs; Sarai Perez and Erik Sosa, Park Rangers, Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park; Councilman André Sayegh; Maria Luz Sudaño Mah; Daniel Walkowitz, New York University