Our mission is to enhance the educational, social, and economic benefits of the new Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park for the City, the State, and the Nation.


A National Park for Paterson

The new National Park is the most important public strategic initiative for Paterson in generations. It usually takes many years to see any visible change on the site of a new national park, but through education, collaboration, and advocacy, we can help show progress more quickly.



The National Park is much more than just landscaped real estate. It is the educational content and programming that will determine whether the Paterson National Park realizes its extraordinary potential. Our Mill Mile self-guided walking tour and audio tour smartphone app are already engaging Paterson residents and visitors of all ages in the city's history in new ways that speak to the times in which we live.



The Hamilton Partnership draws its name from Paterson's illustrious founder, Alexander Hamilton, and his visionary establishment of Paterson as America's first planned industrial city in 1792. We add the word "partnership" becacuse it is a core value in the way we work. The challenges Paterson residents face go beyond the capacity of any single nonprofit organization or level of government, and the Hamilton Partnership works to improve the quality of life in Paterson through close collaboration with other nonprofit organizations and government officials.



To help create the Paterson National Park, the Hamilton Partnership organized the support of distinguished scholars and organizations, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Parks Conservation Association, Sierra Club, as well as local community groups. As the Park Service completes plans for the National Park, we continue to be vigorous advocates for the best possible park and the funding to build and maintain it.