About Us

Our organization serves as the Friends of the Paterson National Park. Community leaders and National Park Service officials called for a new non-profit organization to help launch the Paterson National Park and enhance its educational, social, and economic benefits for Paterson and the nation. That's why we formed the Hamilton Partnership for Paterson.

During the coming years we will expand this website to share educational materials, updated plans for the Park and its surrounding neighborhood, news, local events, and information for visitors from near and afar. There will be community programs seeking your views on how to make a better National Park, what kind of development you would like to see around the Park, and how the Park can stimulate other projects that improve the quality of life in Paterson.

Our audiences are as diverse as Paterson and America today. We will try to strike the right balance between issues of local, regional and national interest. We will expand community outreach and add more Spanish and Arabic translations to this website. And we will work closely with other Paterson nonprofit organizations. We also hope you will share your interests and ideas, lend your support, and tell us how we can improve our efforts.

Leonard A. Zax
President, Hamilton Partnership for Paterson


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